My Legacy

As a small boy born in Jordan, I always had a passion and love for fashion and all things beautiful. My mother knew right away that mediocrity wasn’t in my vocabulary. At an early age, I attended a local Jordanian beauty college, where I learned the skills in hairdressing that would later shape my whole being. Eventually, in 1992, I opened my first salon, with eight chairs, which still thrives today.

In 2003, I set foot on American soil with a pocket full of dreams. First in New York City, I continued to perfect my craft of Hair Design, where I worked photo shoots, runways, and with high–end, top fashion, salons and spas.

Fast forward to 2005 and I arrived in Cary, NC, where I have thrived in business and in friendships. After working for corporate–owned chain salons for many years, I decided, with the push of my clients, to embark on my own business, yet again. A business named for my beloved daughter, Laila, doing what I love doing most. A Salon where I have set the bar high and where I have the opportunity to give back to local stylists the priceless gifts of this art I have been given by so many of the greats before me.

I have had the honor of working with some of the top names in this industry over the years and now is the time to share that with all of you. With all my blessings and humbling experiences of hard work and perseverance, our slogan was born. "Never settle for less. Laila Salon, the way it should be." More than a ’catch phrase’, this is our mission.

We do and will continue to run this business under this simple promise. As I continue on my journey of pursuing the American Dream, I invite you to experience utopia. A gift, from me, to you, of affordable prices, with Spa quality. Because, "Why should you settle for less?" Come see for yourself, "the way it should be."

With Warmest Regards,

Samer Hadadd,
Owner & Stylist